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Independence Day time Celebrations — Past as well as Present

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An attractive evening, third August, 1994, Rawalpindi:

“Look Dad! He has two badges. I will buy three”, states 5-year aged Munna in order to his dad pointing in the direction of his buddy Kaka. His dad recently returned home following spending a few months on the actual LOC (type of control) protecting the sovereign edges of their homeland, Pakistan. His dad relaxed him or her by guaranteeing that he will get their son exactly what he wants at night. All this time around he experienced kept awaiting the 30 days of July and their father’s come back. He invested his nights being on the top top associated with his small house (since it was summer time vacations) counting the amount of flags hoisted upon other roofs within the suburbs that kept increasing since the month associated with August advanced till fourteenth August whenever almost the entire city appeared to wear the actual Flag associated with star as well as crescent.

At night, the pleased child visited the market together with his loving dad and purchased what he or she wanted. He purchased three various Independence Day time badges along with a big Eco-friendly Paki Banner. Badges obtained immediately displayed about the little kid’s chest and also the flag had been hoisted on the roof best by their father once they returned house. Little Munna was full of pride about the sight from the flag wavering upon his roofing.

A brand new morning, ninth August 2010, Rawalpindi (Exact same City):

(#(… developed Sajjad, likely to the university having a Flag upon his upper body… )#)

“Hmm… Therefore you’re celebrating Self-reliance Day, Sajjad! Hawhawhaw”, murmured a lot of seniors from university mocking from him as though he was carrying out a shameful behave. He overlooked them as well as kept shifting towards their class. His class mates on viewing him laughed aloud. One of these said towards the others, “Look only at that guy… He pretends regarding be the only real Pakistani right here. Are all of us not Pakistanis? ” Just about all his method to university, he or she kept dealing with such circumstances… people looked over him as though he experienced committed an excellent sin through wearing their country’s banner.

Compare the above mentioned two situations… The very first story goes back to regarding 16 in years past when each and every young as well as old accustomed to celebrate their own Independence Day time with nationwide zeal as well as zest. They used Independence Day time badges as well as hoisted Flags on the houses within the month associated with August as well as felt very pleased for celebrating their own independence. Different press channels telecasted various programmes regarding need for Independence Day time and created aware the children by portraying the actual sacrifices the elders made to do this God-Blessed nation.

The 2nd story shows to the present day scenario and feelings in our people. It’s simply not a spectacular story. It’s what I’ve gone via this 7 days. I might see just one old woman having Paki Banner badge displayed on her behalf chest on the market and your woman too confronted what We was dealing with… odd peeps on to you… The only real moment whenever my heart full of pride as well as joy was after i saw a few little children, not a lot more than 10 years old, on the actual eve associated with 13th July, wavering Eco-friendly Flags on the market and producing powerful slogans associated with Pakistan ZindaBaad..!!

These days, if a person wear the Paki Banner Badge, actually on fourteenth August, individuals will chuckle at a person… you’ll end up being mocked from… Your friends can make fun associated with you with regard to showing your own love for the country… with regard to celebrating your own Independence Day time…

On the actual media, these celebrations happen to be limited in order to only telecasting the actual Guards Altering Ceremony in the Nation’s Dad’s Tomb.

What offers happened for you O individuals of My personal Country, My personal Pakistan..!! Not love your own country..?? Not love your own homeland..?? If indeed then what’s this attitude about..?? Do you are feeling shame celebrating your own country’s self-reliance..?? Our forefathers have paid a cost that we are able to never come back them back again for attaining this home for all of us… It’s the homeland… It’s the duty now to safeguard every little bit of it… We must love this they method it warrants… i. at the. more compared to our life… When we all know each as well as everything, then exactly what compels all of us forget all of the sacrifices the elders designed to get this particular country..?? Let us celebrate the Independence Day time..??

Why perform we hoist the actual Green Banner..?? Why perform we put on Paki Banner Badges upon our boxes..?? What will it all signify..?? It exhibits the heavy love as well as pride we now have in the hearts for the beloved homeland… The Pakistan… and when we do not celebrate… indicates we do not love the country… We are a lifeless nation..!!

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